Here to serve the community

Welcome to Libota!

Libota is an african community network and powerful search tool designed for People, Businesses and Organizations.

Our System is developed in Phases, our Phase 1 denominated “SHOW UP” enables you to create a personal profile with your skills, education, services offered as well as a business and organization profile with services offered. There is more coming soon.

What Led to Libota?

It is the desire to:

  • Unite us and bring us even closer wherever we are located.
  • Identify the different skills, talents and expertise accumulated by our people both locally and abroad.
  • Recognize the different organizations, businesses belonging to our community.
  • Bring the change in our community while giving power to our people to make the much-desired change.
  • Gather different statistics and assess our gaps in the domains of science, technology, health and education.
  • Focus our priorities towards the real issues affecting our community.
  • Transform mindsets by uplifting values ​​such as citizenship and patriotism.
  • Be present for one another, to live to improve the lives of the less fortunate in our community.
  • Offer a platform to actors in society willing to bring the change to find a common playing field that enables them to reach their objective.
  • Celebrate our community and its diversity.
  • Achieve great things together, like never before.

By joining Libota:

  • You become an actor, an asset and cease to be a spectator in the different activities that drive the development of your community.
  • You align yourself alongside those like you who want to showcase their talents and knowledge, promote their organizations, and promote their business (the products and services) offered.
  • You put yourself in direct contact with your community that want to identify you and hire you for your talents and knowledge, those who want to contribute to the cause of your organization but also those who want to make use of your products and services.
  • You join the common effort to change the narrative of your community.

Together we can do more.

For People: Your community, Your network

What have you git to offer?

You can now:
  • Create your profile and add your Skills, Education, Professional Experience, and services offered.
  • Become an asset in your community and Discover the gems in your community, People doing great and offering great services.
  • Find everyone in your community, From students to highly experienced professionals.
  • Let us build a database of valuable statistics of our People (Age, Education, Skills, Location and much more)

Artist | Tailor | Electrician | Handyman| Baker | Plumber | Photographer | Doctor | Driver | Tutor | Event Planner | Teacher | Engineer | Security Guard | Scientist | Politician | Journalist | Therapist | Employed | Unemployed | Chef | Barman | Designer |

Join, Invite & Verify someone you know and Be a part of the community on the rise.

For Businesses: My community, My customers

If you are not a recognized business but offering a service, please add your services under your personal profile.

From Start-ups to large, recognized businesses:
  • Find local products & businesses from your community.
  • Consume and Support local businesses.
  • Grow your business clientele, promote your business, Grow the “Made in Congo” Brand.
  • Wherever you are located, grow your revenue by providing products and services to the community.
  • Find partners to take your business to the next level.
  • Offer Quality services and receive quality feedback from the community.
Create your business profile today.
Invite people the community to verify your business.

For Organizations: An organized community

Find every Organization operating in my community:

From NGOs Institution/ Churches/ Government Department / Political Party / Embassy

  • Reach out to your community.
  • Be ever closer to the community you want to serve.
  • Be Recognized as an organization offering services to your community.
Here to serve the community better.
Join, Invite and Be Recognized to serve the community.
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